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Big Game Hunter is a witcher contract quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


You will find the employer Count Beledal near Chuchote Cave talk to him. After agreeing to help he will give you a map which will show you where to start so read it. Note that if you choose to negotiate the contract price, Beledal will simply agree to pay any amount you request.

Note: The quest cannot be done when it's dark so you will have to meditate till morning if it's late.

Finding the Panthers[]

You will have 3 locations marked on the map. The closest will have a Bear but the count doesn't want you to attack it. Move on to the next location and the bear will go away on its own. If you get too close to the bear, you will have to fight it. Head to the next area and this one will have Deer running around. Head to the final area and you will find a Panther and her cub nearby. The Panther is caught in a bear trap. You will have to free it by opening the trap, however before you do, use Axii on her else you will be forced to fight it.

Giant centipede Nest[]

After you are done with the Panthers, search for the Giant centipede nest. Use your witcher senses to hear the sound of their burrowing and follow it to the nest. Once you find the nests, you will have to find a safe vantage point for the count. There are 3 positions to choose from, however only one will be appropriate. After you select the correct one, you will have to lure the Giant centipede using noise. You can use Aard or a Bomb on the nest to lure them out. Do not attack the centipedes that appear as the count doesn't want you to hurt the centipedes. Just run around evading the centipedes and they will eventually disappear on their own.

Finding the Peacocks[]

Last but not least the Count will ask you to find Peacocks for him to get a glimpse of their mating rituals as they are adored by his daughter. Geralt will point out the mating rituals ended a month ago so they likely won't spread their tails. So the count will ask if Geralt couldn't try to use his magic to make them do it, which he will agree to try. There will be three locations for you to investigate and each with an Odorous peacock feather (any one of them will work). Once you find a feather, you can follow the scent trail using your witcher senses or you can just follow the sound of their cries to find them. The count will say he needs to find a good place to record and will run up to a safe place. He will then request you get the tails to spread. Use Axii to make three Peacocks spread their tails so the count can record it. After the Count captures the shot, a Giant centipede will attack. Kill the centipede and you will automatically return back to the camp where his men will reveal his daughter is disabled. The Count will pay Geralt and ask if he will show up tomorrow for the exhibit, which you can accept or decline.

The Exhibit[]

Around noon go to Francollarts and talk to the Count or check the paintings first. After you talk to him he will award you with The White Wolf, by Count Beledal which you can hang in Corvo Bianco.

On a drink crate next to a table at the picnic, there is the Letter from the wife of Count Beledal.

Important: If you ask about his daughter this will count as "Proof of Compassion" but only if you freed the Panther without killing it.

Journal Entry[]

One day, Geralt happened upon an unusual contract notice. Someone was seeking the aid not of some unnamed witcher, but specifically of the witcher named Geralt of Rivia. The notice listed no other details, so Geralt, admittedly intrigued, resolved to see what was the issue.
The individual so intent on employing the White Wolf and no other was a certain Count Beledal, a nobleman from Kovir. The aristocrat wished to embark on a nature trek with the legendary witcher, and my dearest friend, as his guide. As the count was offering an exceptionally generous fee, and the job seemed simple enough in its nature, Geralt did not take long to accept the job.
The excursion with the Koviri noble proved rather refreshing, though not nearly as safe and certainly not as boring as Geralt had initially assumed it would be. During its course, the witcher was forced to fight giant centipedes, to tame a number of panthers, and to attempt to control a flock of peacocks. In a word, he had a grand old time, while at the excursion's end his coin pouch grew markedly heavier.
Pleased with the excursion and with Geralt for proving a consummate professional, Count Beledal invited the witcher to attend a picnic he was to host the very next day.
To refuse the invitation of a luminary such as Count Beledal would have been tactless. Thus Geralt appeared at the nobleman's temporary residence at the appointed time. There he had an opportunity to view the paintings his host had produced based on the illusions he had captured during their excursions using the parestisomach. Grateful for the excellent job the witcher had done as his guide, the count decided to additionally reward him, granting Geralt one of his works.


  • Talk to Count Beledal.
  • Check Count Beledal's map to find good spots from which to spot animals.
  • Escort Count Beledal.
  • Escort Count Beledal near the panthers' lair.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find the panthers.
    • [Optional] Calm the panther.
    • Free the panther from the trap.
  • Lead Count Beledal to the giant centipedes' lair.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to locate giant centipedes.
    • Follow the sound.
    • Find a place with a good view of the lair.
    • Wait for the count.
    • Destroy the nest to flush the giant centipedes out.
    • Wait for the count to "preserve" the giant centipedes.
  • Lead the count to the place where peacocks live.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find the peacocks' tracks.
    • Follow the peacocks' trail.
    • Wait until the count is ready.
    • Use the Axii sign to force the peacocks to open their tails. 0/3
    • Kill the giant centipede.
  • Wait until noon tomorrow and go to the picnic.
  • At noon, go to Count Beledal's lodgings and take part in the picnic.
  • [Optional] Peruse the exhibit.
  • Talk to Count Beledal.


  • This quest can count as compassion towards There Can Be Only One if the player frees the panther then later joins Beledal at the feast and asks about his daughter.
  • A possible reference to Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" can be found in this side quest. Count's daughter is similar to Clarissa McClellan name and fatewise.