Billy Goat was a digger hired by Professor Schliemann and his team of archaeologists from the Imperial Academy in Castel Graupian. At some point after the 13th century, the team of archaeologists led by Schliemann conducted excavations in Beauclair. There they discovered a cavern containing two perfectly preserved skeletons and a tube of hardened leather embossed with the coat of arms of Rivia, at that time an ancient kingdom of unconfirmed location.

Schliemann and his team believed the tube contained manuscripts of the past, and so linguists and scholars of extinct languages were prudently summoned from Castel Graupian. Unfortunately, rumours of the unearthed 'treasure' reached Billy Goat and two of his fellow diggers hired by Schliemann's team and, convinced the tube contained gold and valuables, they stole the artefact for themselves. The contents of the artefact were lost forever when the trio, Billy Goat, Kamil Ronstetter and Zdyb, mistook the text for spells and burnt it all.

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