The Witcher

Effect Bleeding


Bleeding is a critical effect with the following characteristics:

  • Continuous loss of vitality.
  • Attack efficiency reduced.
  • Chance of dodging and parrying opponent attacks reduced.
  • Susceptibility to Pain critical effect increased.


The following weapons all increase bleeding as a critical effect:

Bleeding boosters

Talent Provides resistance Increases chance of inflicting
CharDev Stamina 4 3 Quest complete
CharDev Strength 1 CharDev Strength 2 CharDev Strength 3 CharDev Strength 4 CharDev Strength 4 1 CharDev Strength 5 Quest complete
CharDev Strong silver 1 CharDev Strong silver 1 1 CharDev Strong silver 2 CharDev Strong silver 2 1 CharDev Strong silver 3 CharDev Strong silver 3 1 CharDev Strong silver 4 Quest complete
CharDev Strong steel 1 CharDev Strong steel 1 1 CharDev Strong steel 2 CharDev Strong steel 2 1 CharDev Strong steel 3 CharDev Strong steel 3 1 CharDev Strong steel 5 Quest complete


Opponent Immune Resistant Susceptible
Archespores Quest complete Quest failed
Drowned dead Quest complete Quest failed
Drowners Quest complete Quest failed
Echinopsae Quest complete Quest failed
Frighteners Quest complete Quest failed
Giant centipedes Quest complete Quest failed
Golems Quest complete Quest failed
Hellhounds Quest complete Quest failed
Ifrits Quest complete Quest failed
Kikimore queens Quest complete Quest failed
Kikimore warriors Quest complete Quest failed
Kikimore workers Quest complete Quest failed
Nightwraiths Quest complete Quest failed
Noonwraiths Quest complete Quest failed
Wraiths Quest complete Quest failed
Koshcheys Quest failed Quest complete
Werewolves Quest failed Quest complete
Strigas Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete
Zeugls presumably Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Tw2 effect bleed



  • Brown Oil, increases chance of inflicting
  • Clawer, causes bleeding
  • Brock, lowers resistance to bleeding, increases chance of inflicting
  • Maribor Forest, reduces bleeding
  • Virga, increases resistance to but reduces chance of inflicting bleeding
  • Wolf, increases chance of inflicting
  • Ysgith rune, increases chance of inflicting



The Witcher Role-Playing Game

Your wound opens a vein, causing horrible bleeding. You take 2 points of damage each turn until the bleeding is stopped. You can end the bleeding by either casting a Healing spell on it or making a successful First Aid check at a DC:15 which takes 1 action.


The following weapons have a chance to cause bleeding if deal damage to a target:

  • Kord (25%)
  • Torrwr (50%)
  • Berserker's Axe (25%)


The following ammunition have a chance to cause bleeding if deal damage to a target:


The following traps have a chance to cause bleeding if deal damage to a target:


The following armor provide resistance to bleeding:

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