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Bring the standard to the front,' he ordered and drew his sword. 'And give the battle cry, "Redania!" with all the power in your lungs! Let Foltest and Natalis's boys know that the relief is here.
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- Blenheim Blenckert leading the relief in the Battle of Brenna

Blenheim Blenckert was the general and commander of the Royal Redanian Army during the war with Nilfgaard. He fought at the battles of Brenna and Maribor.

In the Battle of Brenna together with Bronibor and his division he led the hidden reinforcements consisting of no less than 10,000 Redanian, Aedirnian, and Kaedweni horsemen. Their surprise attack crushed the northern flank of the Nilfgaard forces and turned the tide of the battle.


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