Blight of the Bogs is a module for The Witcher that was originally released as a mod, but later added into an official release of the game in Patch 1.5 under the name Damn Those Swamps!. This adventure leads Geralt through his 'swamp' adventure, solving a riddle and making a difficult decision - something that witchers often must do.

There are two main quests (The map and The Experiments) and four side quests (Kill the drowners, Lemon balm, The doll and The swamps)

In the swamps, there are a few villagers that will ask Geralt to help them. Kurik wants Geralt to kill the drowners, so he can visit his brother, while Marion request a few lemon balm herbs to make a tea. There is also a little girl who lost her doll when she ran away from drowners. Once those tasks are completed, a mysterious character appear and leave Geralt with a map and riddle. Once the riddle solved, Elei appears to Geralt. She is worried for her swamps and asks Geralt to kill the one resposible for poisoning the nature. After Geralt finds the culprit, he has the choice of hearing him out and spare his life or to kill him.

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