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Blood Run is a main quest in the Blood and Wine expansion and the shortest one, as it only requires a fight with The Beast of Beauclair before ending.


The quest starts right where the The Beast of Toussaint has ended. After deducing that Milton is hiding in the Greenhouse, Geralt goes there with Anna Henrietta. However, he is too late as the The Beast of Beauclair has already killed him, but Geralt was in time before it got away thus a chase ensues. After chasing it to an empty warehouse a short conversation starts between the 2 and the fight begins.

Note: You can lose the fight, however you won't earn any experience then.

The Beast is a tough opponent, as he will teleport around and try to stab Geralt in the back, he can also block and dodge attacks himself. Try to dodge attacks after he teleports and then counterattack. Quen with Active Shield works well during the fight as while this is a fast paced fight the attacks of the Beast aren't very strong thus the shield will not break with just 1 hit. After the fight is over Regis will appear and interrupt it, the beast will flee and Regis will explain that his name is Dettlaff and that it was he who helped him regenerate after his "death." As it turns out Dettlaff would not be doing what he is doing if he didn't have a good reason. Soon Knights appear and Regis has to run away but not before telling Geralt where they can meet. After a short conversation with the Knights the quest ends.

Journal Entry[]

When word of yet another murder reached the tourney participants, panic broke out among them. Geralt, affected by no such emotion, remained on the killer's tail as they rushed helter-skelter through the streets of Beauclair. The witcher finally cornered the murderer in an old, abandoned storehouse.
I do not know, nor do I know of, a single soul more experienced than Geralt in his profession. To surprise the witcher takes incredible guile, yet the murderer sowing terror throughout Toussaint managed just that. The witcher caught up to the killer, there was a brief exchange, then a fight most fierce ensued. I cannot say how the duel would have ended had our old friend Regis not appeared and intervened. Thus, Geralt's first confrontation with the Beast went unresolved.


  • Fight the Beast.


  • Defeating the boss grants 1000 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level, otherwise you get 0 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level.
  • In order to obtain the Hare Mask you have to return to the greenhouse immediately—otherwise the body (and the mask) will no longer be there.