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Blue-eyed lass was the unnamed sister of an Order of the Flaming Rose knight going by the name of Patrick de Weyze, and one of the beauties working at the House of the Queen of the Night, the finest bordello in Vizima that served the rich and powerful.

Ironically, her eyes were actually green. She loved sapphires, in any form, as they supposedly brought out the beauty of her eyes. She also had a mysterious scar on her neck, left by a vampire.


She ran away from home to get away from her controlling brother but he wanted her to come back and marry the man he chose for her. She, however, had absolutely no intention of going back as she loved her life at the House of the Night.

Journal Entry

The blue-eyed beauty from the House of the Night has an interesting scar on her neck. Looks just like a vampire bite...

Associated Quest


  • A tip for those to spend the night with her without having to part with 500 Items Oren.png: She accepts a gold sapphire ring that costs 180 Items Oren.png or a sapphire which is even cheaper at 60 Items Oren.png.
  • If bargaining is tried on her, the price rises instead of dropping. First to 750 Items Oren.png, then to 1000 Items Oren.png. However, Geralt's payment form or amount does not change the outcome of events since they play out exactly the same. Thus the cheapest option is to take the sapphire.
  • The game tries to insinuate that she was made into a vampire. However, this completely contradicts all other information in the Witcher lore, as vampires are an entirely separate race and thus one can only be born as a vampire, not made into one.



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