The Blue or Grey Mountains[1] are a large mountain range dividing the Northern Kingdoms from Haakland and Zerrikania. The mountains form a natural border for at least Lyria, Aedirn, and Kaedwen. Dol Blathanna, the Valley of Flowers, lies at the very foot of the mountains, and the river Yaruga's spring is hidden among the rocky heights.

The free elves have made their abode in the mountains; amongst them were Ida Emean aep Sivney and Filavandrel aén Fidháil.


The coat of arms in the infobox is inspired by the flower shield in pre-Homecoming Gwent board and colors worn by the Blue Mountains commando.



  • Two coexisting translations of original Polish Góry Sine are a result of lack of proper word in English to denote adjective "siny". In Slavic languages it denotes pale or blueish grey of bruises, sickly pale skin or rainy sky. Interestingly, this word can be easily translated to Elder Speechglas, as in Eredin's moniker, means faded blue, green and grey in many Celtic languages. Speculative Elder Speech for "Faded Greyish Blue Mountains" would be then Glas Arda.


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