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Boholt was the the leader of the Crinfrid Reavers, a group of mercenaries hired to take part in the hunt for a dragon.


Hunting a Dragon

Boholt and the Reavers were among four teams who signed on to King Niedamir's commissioned hunt to kill a green dragon that set half a hillside ablaze. Before the hunt could start, there was already had blood between the teams, specifically the dwarves and Reavers. Leader of the dwarves group, Yarpen Zigrin blamed the Reavers for stealing from him, threatening to piss in his gruel to get even.

All four groups decided to settle down on the mountain side. Boholt, Geralt, Jaskier, Borch, Téa, Véa, Yennefer, Eyck, and Yarpen roasted the hirikka and feasted, during which time, Boholt interrupted to make an lewd remark towards Yennefer. Eyck then took his leave as his stomach started to gurgle after failing to heed Borch's warning. It was presumed by the teams that while Eyck voided his bowels, Boholt sneaked up behind him and slit his throat.

Boholt and his men arrived at the dragon's lair to find Geralt, Yennefer, Téa and Véa defending the dragons. A fight ensued. Geralt and Yennefer defended one entrance to the cave while Tèa and Vèa defended the other from the Reavers. It came down to Boholt and one remaining Reaver. Yennefer made sure that it was she who killed Boholt.[1]


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