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A Bolt is a pyrokinetic combat spell which creates a spark which flies flashingly in a straight line from the caster's hand.[1] Its basic form is orange in color[2] and is one of the simplest combat spells taught at magical academies.[3] The more powerful variant, called Holy Spear[1] or Sagitta Aurea (Golden Bolt), deals far more damage and is able to pierce through the body of the target leaving a see-through hole; it is especially useful against possessed by demons[4] and dragons. The latter ones, if received enough damage, lose the will to fight and escape.[1]

Oko Yrrhedesa[]

Basic Bolt[]

Magic cost: 1
Effect: Shots a spark that does 1d6+1 damage

Holy Spear[]

Magic cost: 15
Effect: Shots a bright golden spear that does 1d10+1d6 damage; if used against a dragon who receives 12 or more damage it causes it to escape

Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni[]

Power cost: 5 or more
Modifier: 1
Skill cost: 20
Duration: Immediate
Casting: Gesture + Incantation
Magical defense: Yes
Effect: Shots a spark that does 3d6 damage + 1d6 for each 5 additional Power Points spent (max 3x)