Disambig-icon This article is about bomb bases. For the similar item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see Zerrikanian powder. For The Witcher 3 Saltpeter ingredient, see Saltpeter. For The Witcher 3 Stammelford's dust ingredient, see Stammelford's dust.

Bomb making requires the "Bomb Preparation" skill (a silver Intelligence talent), so Geralt can not make bombs until he reaches level 15 at least (and then only if it is really a priority as other talents are much more useful). He can, however, use any bombs he finds. Bombs require alchemical ingredients, just like potions, but the bases are different. All bomb-making bases are referred to as "black powder" irrespective of the actual color of the item.

Top quality bases Edit

Image Name Buy Sell
Base Zerrikanian mix
Zerrikanian mix 40 Items Oren 8 Items Oren
Base Alchemists powder
Alchemist's powder 70 Items Oren 14 Items Oren

High quality bases Edit

Image Name Buy Sell
Base Saltpeter
Saltpeter 10 Items Oren 2 Items Oren
Base Stammelfords dust
Stammelford's dust 20 Items Oren 4 Items Oren
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