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Bootlegger's notes is a document in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal Entry[]

... so I say to that, "Minister Tremblay, the whole Sansretour Valley is overrated! Those wines, why, don't get me started on Est Est – ever since they started mass-producing it, they should call it Était Était, for it's definitely seen better days." Then he says, "Right you are, always been a Côte-de-Blessure chap myself. In fact, between you and me, I even prefer it to Sangreal" – you know, the wine reserved for Her Illustrious Highness and her inner circle.
And then, the fool I am, I blurt out, "Oh, I agree, whenever Her Grace has me taste it, I've got to swill my mouth out with vodka afterwards, to wash out that rancid taste." Oh, come on, I was drunk, wasn't I? Talking out of my bum. Well, turns out I had rather overvalued my position at court. Tremblay needed but say a word in the duchess' ear and, in three shakes of a donkey's tail, I was out on the street. The job of ducal taster's been given back to Benoit – can you believe it? After that scandal involving Baronesses Nique and Queline? As for me – well, what was I supposed to do? Had no choice but to start making and drinking my own brews – that's always been my true passion.

Associated Quest[]