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Borsody Auction House is an impressive three-story building in Novigrad, belonging to the Borsody brothers from the Borsody family.


The auction house was originally started in 1203 and used to be just a shack located outside Novigrad's walls and where they traded in horses and sheep. 42 years later in 1245, the business had grown in fame and size to the point they were able to move not just into Novigrad, but right off the city's main road in the nicest district, occupying an impressive 3-story building.

Long past their days of trading cattle, they now dealt exclusively in jewels, artwork, antiques, and collector items. However, these auctions were only held every 3 months and always on a Friday, making people show up in droves.[1]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

Radovid V made an offer of zero percent tax rate if Horst Borsodi would move his auction house to Oxenfurt. As this was an unbeatable offer, Horst agreed and moved to the Redanian city sometime prior to 1272.

The building in Oxenfurt is only two-stories high compared to the one in Novigrad, but this one has an underground vault to compensate. The underground vault has a trap plate right after the vault door leading to a pit full of Arachnomorphs, as well as a hidden exit at the end of the vault.

End of game canon content.

Associated quest[]


  • In the event Geralt kills both Borsodi brothers during the Open Sesame! quest, the auction house will be acquired by Vimme Vivaldi and becomes an (inaccessible) branch of the Vivaldi Bank.
  • In 1245, Geralt's stolen swords were taken here and auctioned off. However, Yennefer, having learned about them going to be sold beforehand, made arrangements to buy them herself and have them returned by a third party to the witcher.