Bovine Defense Force is a neutral close combat gwent card in the Hearts of Stone expansion. It is not kept in the deck, but rather summoned during play whenever the zero-strength Cow card is removed from the battlefield.

The card's name references the chort that appears after six cows are killed in White Orchard.


  • The card cannot be revived by using a medic, however it can be retrieved by using a decoy.
  • It is possible to have 2 of these cards in play, but only if the game lasts 3 rounds, by using the following tactic:
    • In the first round play the Cow which will summon this card in the second round
    • In the second round use a medic card to revive the Cow and use a decoy to return this card to your hand
    • Finally in the third round the revived Cow will summon this card again, however you will still have the first one in your hand and be able to replay it thus having 2 copies in play

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