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Brothers In Arms: Novigrad is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Note: Completing this quest before A Dangerous Game is complete will cause it to fail.


Triss will always help you regardless if you helped and/or romanced her or not. If you already completed Now or Never she will already be checked on the list.

Dijkstra will not help you, however if you managed to get information about his treasure from Caleb Menge during Count Reuven's Treasure he will give you 1000Oren3 after you ask him for help.

Zoltan being the good friend he is will always join Geralt, all that needs to be done is ask him. Note: He will become a Blacksmith during his stay at Kaer Morhen.

Roche will join only if you did An Eye for an Eye AND managed to save Ves during the quest. In which case Ves will also join the team. If you already did the quest just talk to him.

After asking everyone for help the quest ends.

Journal Entry

A direct fight against Eredin and the Wild Hunt had become inevitable, and Geralt knew he could never defeat them alone. He thus decided to seek out allies – and his first steps took him to Novigrad.
Geralt's conversations with friends and acquaintances had mixed results. Geralt hoped the support he had secured would be enough to defeat the Wild Hunt. There was no other option.


  • Talk to Zoltan.
  • Talk to Roche.
  • Talk to Dijkstra.
  • Talk to Triss.
  • Help Triss finish what she has to do in Novigrad.
  • Help Roche with his problem concerning Ves.


  • If you talk to Roche but end the convesation without asking for help the quest may update and the option to ask for help will be gone so be sure to do it when you talk to him.


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