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Brothers In Arms: Skellige is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Without doing the quests Possession and The Lord of Undvik the only one that can join you right now is Ermion. Good news is you can still complete them now.

Crach will not help you, but if you helped his kids he will give you Winter's Blade.

Cerys will also refuse but send her best warrior i.e. her brother Hjalmar. so go talk to him now and he will agree to join. Note: If you also saved Folan and/or Vigi the Loon during The Lord of Undvik they will tag along too.

Ermion will not need any convincing he will agree on the spot to help when asked.

After everyones help is requested the quest will end.

Journal entry

Nowhere in the world can one find warriors braver than those born in Skellige, and thus Geralt set off to those isles in his hunt for allies to stand with him against the Wild Hunt.
In those days everyone in Skellige was thoroughly absorbed with the matter of the succession to the throne, so Geralt had his doubts he'd find anyone at all to answer his call. Yet he did not leave the isles empty-handed, for his true friends did not let him down.


  • Talk to Hjalmar.
  • Talk to Ermion.
  • Talk to Cerys.
  • Talk to Crach.
  • Help Cerys unravel the riddle of Udalryk's madness.
  • Help Hjalmar with his expedition to kill the giant of Undvik.
  • Help resolve the matter of succession to the Skellige throne.


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