The Witcher

"Curse your enemy bearing the name of Coram Agh Tera, the Lionhead Spider, and dip your blade in oil. An enemy wounded with the dagger will bleed to death even from a slight wound."

Brown oil accelerates bleeding; creatures lacking a circulatory system are immune to its effects. It offers a "considerable chance" of causing bleeding in foes with every hit.


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Geralt begins the game with four of these as well as the formula.

Journal entry

Wounds caused by a blade covered with Brown Oil do not heal. The blade grease also augments hemorrhaging. Hit an opponent with a blade covered with Brown Oil, adopt a defensive stance, and stall for time. The adversary soon drops to the ground due to loss of blood.
This oil is ineffective against creatures resistant to bleeding.
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