Brugge was a small kingdom, now vassal state, on the Old Road. It is separated from its neighbors by the river Yaruga, its tributary Ribbon and the river Trava. Brugge is surrounded by Sodden to the east, Cintra to the south, Verden to the west, and Brokilon to the north.

Brugge was originally an independent kingdom before Cintra took over, making it a vassal state. After Queen Calanthe's death, Brugge became a vassal state to Temeria and was then ruled over by King Venzlav, who was a vassal to the Temerian king.

During the Second Northern War, Brugge was one of the kingdoms which suffered the most the Nilfgaardian invasion.

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COA Brugge drawing

The current COA and flag was created by our resident heraldry and witcher expert Mboro, based on the description in the novels. The drawing is from the Czech site.

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  • Brugge is also a real city in Belgium. The official demonym used to refer its inhabitants is Bruggeling.

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