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Bryton de Creigiau was the eldest son of Anton de Creigiau, half-brother to Anton the Younger, and the husband of Lady Sérlait de Creigiau. He was also the adoptive father to Delwyn.

Biography Edit

He held the title of baron of Creigiau and was a heroic veteran from the Battle of Sodden Hill. However, when he returned from battle, he found out his wife was pregnant with his half-brother's child, so he decided to banish Anton.

After Doireann's death, he gave Geralt a contract to kill "Leshy" who was, in fact, his brother.

While werecat Anton and his wild cats were attacking the castle, Bryton tried to reconcile with his brother. However Anton tried to kill Lady Sérlait, so the baron attempted to protect her, resulting in the werecat hurting his hand.

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