Caed Myrkvid is a mist-shrouded forest reminiscent of Brokilon situated within the borders of Toussaint. The grove became the home of a circle of druids who had fled Caed Dhu and Loch Monduirn in Angren. Alders and beeches fill the forest which is, however, dominated by an ancient oak in the heart of the grove.

It was in Caed Myrkvid that the Nightingale gang was finally smashed with the help of some knights-errant as well as Geralt, Milva, Angoulême and Dandelion.


  • The name is Elder Speech: Myrkvid Forest or Grove ("Myrkvid" itself deriving from Old Norse "myrkviðr" and meaning "dark wood", while "caed" comes from Welsh "coed" which means forest).
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