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The actual name of this subject is conjectural or unknown.

Caingorn[N 1] is a stronghold[1] and a city[2] that was the capital of identically named kingdom when Hengfors was outside its borders.


The stronghold used to be seat of power of House of Ademeyn.[3] During unknown circumstances, it was seized by King Audoen of Hengfors who installed his son Niedamir as heir to the throne.[4] When Audoen died and his realm collapsed, his adolescent son was left only with Caingorn under his rule.

In 1254 Niedamir, now a crowned king, organised a tournament here during which sir Eyck of Denesle bested Myrgot of Zerrikania. Shortly after a wounded dragon flying from nearby Barefield were spotted in the sky and the Caingornese started preparations to hunt.[5] Some time later, during the hunt, sorcerer Dorregaray described the stronghold as lousy, dirty and stinky.[1]

Some time later, the castle was accidentally set on fire by gnomish inventor Barnabas Beckenbauer.[6]

At some point between 1268 and 1271, the city was sieged by Henselt of Kaedwen. During the massacre, about ten thousand citizens and inhabitants of nearby area were killed.[2] Kaedwen's monarch failed to turn this military victory into a lasting success however[7] and Caingorn remained a part of Niedamir's realm.[8]

Notable citizens[]


  1. The stronghold's name is never mentioned in the novels. In a dialogue with Zoltan in Vergen, as well as heard among the soldiers in Kaedweni camp, it can be heard that Henselt looted Caingorn and the corpses were lying around the city, which could be interpreted either that there is a city named Caingorn or that it is just a mistake by developers.