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Camp of King Foltest's army

The Camp of Foltest's army is where players get their first opportunity to look around as Geralt in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings as we find the witcher and Triss just waking up in their tent. Just a few steps to the south of Triss' tent, Geralt meets some old acquaintances, the Crinfrid Reavers. By talking to them he can begin the first secondary quest of the game, Melitele's Heart, which will find an end only in Chapter I. There is a Circle of Power just a few meters away from them.

A bit further on, Geralt can get his first introduction to arm wrestling from "Strongarm" and also a taste of dice poker from another soldier before continuing on to meet King Foltest.

The area serves more as a tutorial for the game interface, allowing Geralt to speak to characters, loot containers, gather plants, and use the Circle of Power.

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