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Wolverstone was the captain of the Atropos, serving routes between Novigrad and Skellige.

In 1272, he was the only person willing to take Geralt to Skellige, as all the other captains at the Novigrad Docks deemed the journey too risky. Wolverstone demanded a fee of 1000Oren3 for passage, owing to the lack of competition and the risks associated with the trip. In his usual style, he began the trip intoxicated.

On its approach into Kaer Trolde Harbor, the Atropos was boarded by pirates of Clan an Craite. This, combined with terrible weather, led to the ship veering off course south towards Rannvaig, near which it wrecked, leading to Wolverstone's death.

Associated quest Edit


  • It is possible to reclaim the 1000 Oren3 passage fee by looting Wolverstone's body near the shipwreck.


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