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Carnedd[1] is a small region of Hengfors League, a former Redanian duchy situated north of Gelibol.


Early settlement[]

Carnedd used to be a forested area inhabited by the elves. In the 10th century, the kings of neighbouring Yamurlak, themselves hosting an influx of Redanians from the south, sponsored the Nordling colonization of Crinfrid and other northern territories. Settlers from Redania and Yamurlak flooded the harsh yet relatively monster-free area of the north and massacred elves in the forests. Eventually a human duchy arosed around Tor Carnedd and adopted part of the tower's name, Carnedd.[2]

Redania and the Northern Coalition[]

Carnedd and Crinfrid, situated in the fertile region between the Buina and the Braa, appear to have initially been vassals of Redania, perhaps seized by Radovid I. Following the instability of the realm during the reign of King Vestibor, a coalition of northern countries invaded the area forming the northern front of the Seven Years' War and ultimately breaking it off from Redania.

The northern duchies were taken back by Radovid III and the border on the Braa was restored.[3]

Falka's rebellion and part of the East March[]

Carnedd and Gelibol were hit particularly hard during Falka's rebellion. After the last insurgents were rooted out, Vizimir I of Redania handed the former over to his ally Guido Thyssen of East March in gratitude.

Margrave Guido invited knightly orders of the White Rose and the Golden Stirrup to northern and southern parts of the duchy respectively. Knights of the White Rose built several castles in their area, whereas Knights Stirrupers focused on expanding the fortress of Tor Carnedd and improving the region's economy by bringing settlers from Cintra and the south. However, local rulers kept a watchful eye on the orders to ensure that neither would seize the full power in the duchy.[4]

East March's collapse and afterwards[]

"Have they done something wrong?"
"They don't have to, they are elves. The duke evicts them from the land, they resist, sons of a dog."
"Have they killed someone?"
"No, they don't pay taxes. They say they are the hosts here, that they were here first! This one, see how haughty? They'll get their land in the mountains, they can be the hosts there if they wish. And anyone who flees from there gets a bolt in their head and it's over."
Geralt and the ducal soldier, "Człowiek – pierwsze spotkanie"

After the Secession of Poviss and the collapse of East March, Carnedd, much like other East March's regions, became an independent duchy.[2] Around 1220s, after the remaining elven population protested against paying the tribute and invoked their rights as indigenous inhabitants, duke of Carnedd had his army evict them to the Kestrel Mountains.[5]

In 1250s, the duchy was incorporated to Niedamir's Hengfors League,[4] granting the League an access to the Buina River.[6] Next decade, following the Slaughter of Cintra during the First Northern War, the headquaters of the Order of the Golden Stirrup and its Cintrian knights moved north, joining the northern branch of the Order in Carnedd where the Grand Mistress Alix van der Ermen swore fealty to King Niedamir.[4]

After Jacques de Aldersberg transformed Order of the White Rose into Order of the Flaming Rose devoted ideologically to Hierarch of far Novigrad, its knights became unwelcome in the League[7] and were (bloodlessly) expelled from their former castles in Carnedd with the help of Knights Stirrupers. While Hengfors' Clerical Council suggested that the ownership of the fortifications should be transferred to the loyal Stirrupers, Niedamir ultimately followed Yogin Pieters's advice of dismantling them and using the building materials to erect new fortresses in northern Sturefors, on the League's wildest border.[4]

National emblems[]

Coat of arms of Carnedd depicts a golden double-lily on blue.[5]

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Carnedd is situated on the right bank of the Buina, granting the League an access to this river. It borders Gelibol in the south, Yamurlak in the west, Crinfrid in the north, and Kaedwen (through the Kestrel Mountains) in the east.[4]


The region is known for its grain production, dating back to the time when it belonged to Redania.[3][4]

Notable locations[]


  • The duchy, albeit unnamed at the time, appeared on-screen in Człowiek – pierwsze spotkanie episode of The Hexer TV series. In the episode, when Geralt and young Renfri travel through the area on the route from Creyden to Mahakam, they meet a group of ducal soldiers with a double-lily (Gozdawa) emblem on blue who escort a group of displaced elves out of the duchy. The name Carnedd was given to the region in The Witcher Thursdays.


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