Case: One-Armed Adalard is a book in the Blood and Wine expansion and can only be looted at the end of the main quest Wine is Sacred when Geralt loots the Ducal Guard Post and is not yet considered a crime.

Journal entry Edit

Pseudonym: One-Armed Adalard
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Witnesses describe him as a man of average height and a muscular, boxy even, build. Dark eyes, nose clearly has been broken repeatedly.
Distinguishing Marks: Arm cut off below the elbow. Adalard usually covers his stump with the sleeve of his shirt or coat. Sometimes he wears a prosthetic.
Area of Operations: primarily Hauteville, but it is suspected he has contacts throughout Beauclair.
One-Armed Adalard is suspected of forging at least fifty paintings, along with their certificates of authenticity. Said paintings can be found in the collections of the private collectors defrauded by Adalard. The forgery was uncovered due to an error on the part of the fraudster: one of his middlemen offered to sell Countess de Boussut "Belhaven Fields." The Countess immediately alerted the Guard – for he had just tried to sell her a painting which has been in her family for generations.

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