Casimir de Lauterpacht was the founder of Redanian Secret Service.


Falka's Rebellion and Regency Council

After King Vridank with his family were murdered by Falka, de Lauterpacht organized an underground conspiracy net. After Falka's troops were driven off the capital and the Regency Council took the power, it was Casimir who with his agents who prepared a coup d'état which gave the crown to the new King.

The Red Duke

The Duke was rewarded by a title of the Crown Chancellor. His organization flourished, collecting secrets of the court, not hesitating to use knifes and poison. Lauterpacht quickly arose to position of the King's éminence grise. His net of spies and informants was rising quickly and covered the whole kingdom. Suddenly long-hidden Falka's atamans began being unhidden and publicly executed. The Chancellor's agents also handled the religious histery rising after the rebellion, secretly imprisoning the authority-opposing self-clamed prophets in Drakenborg granted to Lauterpacht by the King.

Aside Drakenborg and the "Red Duke" moniker, Casimir earned another thing – opposition from the nobility. During the First Sejm held by the King in 1187, Forum Nobilium charged the Chancellor with numerous allegations, including the high treason. After a quiet war between Casimir's and King's agents, the Red Duke was finally caught and ended up on a scaffold.[1]


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