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Castel Ravello is a famous castle in Toussaint, around which are lush vineyards. It is known worldwide as the place of production of the famous wines: Est Est, Erveluce, Fiorano, and Pomino.

One day following Saovine, some of the men here clubbed a monster to death in the ruins of the old castle and proceeded to have it stuffed and hung it in the new castle.[1]

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Castel Ravello Estate is in the middle of its vineyards, located southeast of Fox Hollow and northeast of Chuchote Cave and known to produced Sangreal, a wine made exclusively for the ruling family. A herbalist can be found here.

For years, it was run by Fabricio, though it was not his original family's estate but rather given to him from Duchess Anna Henrietta, who saw his talents of a wine maker were better utilized running a vineyard than as a beggar on the streets due to his father squandering off the family fortune.

After Wine is Sacred: the estate later fell into someone else's hands after Fabricio was arrested for treason, having sold the exclusive Sangreal wine to someone outside the Ducal Family..

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  • Ravello is the name of a small town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous for its old town, gardens and breathtaking views of the coastline.


  1. Based on Geralt's conversation with Reynart de Bois-Fresnes, it appears Castel Ravello was built at least twice, as the knight remarks about how the people there killed a monster "under the ruins of the old castle".
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