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Celia van Schagen was the daughter of Master van Schagen.

Biography Edit

For a while past, van Schagen had noticed that his daughter had been visited by a man each night, who had slipped past her tower's security. This led him to believe that the man visiting his daughter was a vampire or a mage. He also was curious that she had red ovular marks on her neck and she seemed in a trance.

When he and Geralt of Rivia were sharing a drink at the Seven Cats Inn in 1273, he asked the witcher to investigate. Later, when the witcher reached the Van Schagen residence, he saw her changing into a dress and walking out onto the balcony. When the witcher followed her, he discovered that the "mysterious man" was Dandelion, who was meeting Celia for a romantic evening. Geralt talked to them and Dandelion showed him a magic trunk of his that had teleported him to the tower they were in. He read the runes inside and the trunk flew off with Geralt and him inside it, leaving Celia on the balcony.

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