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Cerro was the second wife of King Vridank of Redania, making her the new queen. She adopted Lara Dorren and Cregennan of Lod's daughter who was orphaned at birth and named her Riannon. She was later murdered, alongside Vridank and their sons, by Falka, her stepdaughter.


  • Cerro and Vridank's sex life appeared to be a well talked about topic among the population. Zoltan mentions a comment to Geralt in The Witcher, and a guard in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mentioned wanting to "plough the lovely Queen Cerro".
  • One of the many rumors regarding Cerro taking in Riannon was because she had to: some believe the dying Lara cursed the queen that would lead to her death if she didn't take Riannon into her family. However, as this is just conjuncture, it's left out of any factual story regarding Cregennan and Lara.