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Chapter of the Gift and the Art,[3] commonly referred to as Chapter of Wizards,[1][2] Chapter of Sorcerers,[3] or simply the Chapter, is the higher chamber in the Brotherhood of Sorcerers and usually consists of five members.

After the Thanedd coup (during which most the Chapter members were pro-Nilfgaardian), the organization practically ceased to exist.



In the late half of the 9th century, the first Chapter was installed and their magical laws enacted by Herbert Stammelford, Aurora Henson, Ivo Richert, Agnes of Glanville, Geoffrey Monck and Radmir of Tor Carnedd. Many mages did not conform to their laws, and so a bloody war broke out, Raffard the White being a casualty.[5]

First Northern War[]

In 1263, during the First Northern War, Vilgefortz led the Brotherhood, including members of the Chapter such as Artaud Terranova, in the Battle of Sodden Hill.[2]

Interwar Period[]

In 1267, members Tissaia de Vries, Artaud and Vilgefortz met to discuss the northern rulers meeting in Hagge, and the consequences of not reacting. Vilgefortz ordered they do exactly that, not react, as no plans would commence straight away. They instead decided to contact all the court mages around the north to summon for a meeting.[2]

Thanedd Coup[]

On June 31st, they all assembled for the Grand Mage's Conclave on Thanedd Island, during the evening meeting with the other Northern mages in Aretuza.[5]

Known Members[]

Founding Members[]

During the Coup[]



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