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"That white-haired bloke... Gerard? Gerwant?"
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The Chevron Knight was a young Rivian nobleman guarding the capital city's gate.

Biography Edit

Early June 1268, the knight stationed in his tent outside the walls, near the toll house. He was studying the incomers with sharp and offensive gaze in hope of noticing a warrior worthy of dueling. 6th June, of such warriors would have been Geralt of Rivia but the famed witcher dashed knight's hopes claiming that whoever his dame of heart was, she was the most beautiful and virtuous virgin between the Yaruga and the Buina. The knight, though disappointed, had no choice but to agree.

Later that day, Chevron Knight charged to help nonhumans facing a pogrom. Mounted and in full armour, he whipped the bloodthirsty commoners with his quirt until they managed to throw him off the horse and swarmed on him trying to find weak spots in the armour. His final fate is unknown, but there is a possibility he was saved by the hailstorm conjured by Triss Merigold and Yennefer just a moment later.

Notes Edit

  • Chevron Knight's character might have been an inspiration for creating another errant knight in the franchise, Ronvid of the Small Marsh.
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