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Chireadan was an elf from the Redanian city of Rinde.


Helping Geralt and Jaskier

Chireadan worked as a healer when he met Geralt of Rivia and Jaskier. The latter had been attacked by a djinn. Chireadan discovered that his afflictions were magic based. His throat was being attacked and if the spell's actions weren't halted as soon as possible, its effects would become irreversible, eventually resulting in death. The medicine given by the healer provided Jaskier with a few more hours. He advised that Geralt take Jaskier to another town for help as the only mage in close proximity was extremely dangerous. Geralt disregarded Chireadan's advice and sets off in search of this malicious mage, said to be imprisoned in the mayor's house.

Geralt awakened in a cell with Chireadan after a supposed rampage. Although, he didn't recall anything, he allegedly attacked a pawnbroker and an apothecary, both of whom were on the town council and were voting to usurp the mayor and kick Yennefer out of Rinde. Yennefer had Geralt enact revenge on her behalf. Chireadan tried to stop him, but the guards assumed he was there to abet. The sentence was to be cast by the same council members Geralt attacked. It was sure to be death. Chireadan questioned why Geralt would go see Yennefer despite his warnings. Although, admittedly, he could've better prepared Geralt, who questioned if Chireadan was under her spell as well. But Chireadan wasn't spelled by Yennefer, he was in love with her.

A guard enters and begins attacking Geralt as they've been sentenced to death. As he prepares to finish him off, Geralt makes a wish; that the guard would burst, and he does just that. His head explodes. As it turns out, Geralt has the wishes, not Jaskier.

Chireadan and Geralt arrived just as Jaskier was exiting the mayor's home. Geralt realized that Yennefer was trying to become the vessel in order to gain more power and rushed inside to prevent her from killing herself. Jaskier and Chireadan watched from outside as the house collapsed. They initially presumed Geralt and Yennefer to be dead, but upon further examination, find the two having sex inside.[1]


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