The Cianfanelli Bank has a branch in the city of Ellander. A large sum of orens was transferred there for the Temple of Melitele. Geralt also had an account at the branch in Beauclair while he wintered in Toussaint. The slogan of the Cianfanelli family bank is: We look after your coin as if were our own and the customer is always right. However, it is shown that the bank and staff are mired in red tape.

Branch locations

Blood and Wine expansion

A branch of the Cianfanelli Bank is located at the Gran'place, a famous square in Beauclair. It offers a standard selection of bank services, such as the ability to exchange orens and florens to crowns, and the provision of loans. This branch is headed by Giacomo Cianfanelli.

The bank is protected against several magical forms, including hypnosis, telepathy, witcher signs, and spells.

Exchange rates

  • The rate of exchange for orens to crowns is 1:1.
  • The rate of exchange for florens to crowns is 3:1.

Associated Quest


  • In Blood and Wine, in the Paperchase quest, obtaining Permit A38 to withdraw money, is a reference to the Asterix cartoon "The Twelve Tasks of Asterix", in which French bureaucracy red tape is satirized.


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