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Cidaris is a small kingdom on the western shore of the Continent and is ruled by King Ethain. The river Adalatte in the south forms a natural border between Cidaris, Bremervoord, and Kerack. East of the kingdom lies Temeria, west lies Bremervoord.

This vivid country owes its position and prosperity from maritime trade, shipbuilding industry, vine plantations and the rational use of the riches of the ocean.


Northern Wars[]

From 1263, following the First Northern War, a great amount of cheap Nilfgaardian goods started to flow through Cidarian ports into Temeria, greatly affecting the kingdom's economy. King Foltest of Temeria knew he couldn't shut the borders to Cidaris, as it would cause great outcry from the Merchant's Guild, and severely affect trade relations with Ethain.[3]

In 1267, Ethain sent his fleet to defend the eastern coast, should the Nilfgaardians march past the Yaruga along the coast.[3]

National Emblems[]

Coat of arms of the Kingdom is: per pale Argent and Azure, two sturgeons counterchanged.[4][5] Members of the royal family however bear different arms: Aquamarine, two escallops Argent, below a fossilized cidaris sea urchin Proper.[6]

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Notable Cidarians[]

Royal members




Notable Locations[]


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