Cintra is the capital city of Cintra, located in the northwest of the kingdom, where the Yaruga river meets the North Sea.

History[edit | edit source]

Cintra once was the location of an ancient elven settlement, which upon the great eastern expansion of humans approximately five hundred years ago, was abandoned by the elves and in its place humans built this city.[1][2]

In 1263, King Eist Tuirseach leading the Cintran Army, was killed and the army completely destroyed by the Nilfgaardian Army during the Battle of Marnadal.[1]

After the Cintran army being scattered and using swift force, the Nilfgaardians marched to the city of Cintra, where they sacked and slaughtered the entire city, laid waste to the royal family, and caused the suicide of Queen Calanthe.

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