Tutorial elemental circles

A Circle of Elements or Elemental Circle (not to be confused with a Place of Power) is a place where magic is strong, enough for people to have erected monuments.

Mages can draw power from Circles of Elements, and witchers can learn new Signs, as well as getting a momentary boost for the spells they already know. These are likely manifestations of intersections.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Tw3 circle of elements

During quest The Final Trial happening near Kaer Morhen after more witty banter, and heading south up the rough trail to the ancient Circle of Elements, you reach your destination.

Soak in the view, then listen and follow Lambert's instructions: Move to each of the unlit torches, and use Igni to quickly light them. Then place the phylactery on the smooth stone altar. You wait, and Lambert asks how you dealt with trolls during your own trial. Answer how you wish.