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Circles of Power give Geralt a buff for 5 minutes and are stackable up to all 5 circles. They appear as a faint shimmer when they are not activated by the medallion, and show up as bright red aura after being activated by the medallion, using Tw2 control z. Their powers are bestowed when Geralt walks through them while exposed by a medallion scan. The Witcher medallion glows and emits a distinct sound when Geralt is within hidden the Circles of Power.

Circle Name Symbol Effect
Endurance Shield Armor +20%
Life Cross

Vitality regeneration +2 / Vitality regeneration in combat +1

Power Triangle Sign intensity +20%
Vigor Hexagon Vigor regeneration +2 / Vigor regeneration in combat +1
Strength Sword Damage +20%


  • [Possible bug] Circle of Vigor has the same effect as Circle of Life. While stacking Circle of Life and Circle of Vigor, only one of the effect is being taken into account. Upon expiry of that Circle's effect, the other Circle's effect won't be taken into account despite still being active.
  • There are also Circles of Power to enhance a single sign for 5 minutes. One of these is in Flotsam forests, and enhances the Quen sign.
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