Out of the Shadows is a main quest and the fourth Ciri quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Chronologically in the story, this event occurs immediately after the events of Ciri's Story: The Race.


Attack the basilisk and once it's near the end of its health, a cutscene will start where the basilisk grabs the baron and flies to the top of the tower. Once you regained control of Ciri, run to the stone ledges with white markings in front of you and start climbing. Halfway up, another cutscene unfolds where Ciri is forced to use her powers to save the baron. After finishing it off, the scene changes to Crow's Perch where Ciri prepares to leave for Novigrad, knowing that her recent use of magic would attract the Wild Hunt and threaten all the innocents in the area.

Journal Entry

Ciri and the baron were testing their mettle in a horse race when a basilisk swooped down and put an end to the competition. The beast snatched the baron up and carried him off to its nest. Ciri, sparing no time for second thoughts, ran to his rescue.
Ciri knew that to save the baron she had to act quickly and use her special abilities. She made a desperate decision and, in the blink of an eye, teleported herself next to the monster and swiftly cut off its head.
This decision had consequences, however: Eredin could sense whenever Ciri used her powers, meaning that even that short moment - in which she revealed the strength lying dormant inside her - was enough to alert the Wild Hunt. Wanting to save the area and her newfound friends from the destruction that would inevitably follow in the Red Riders' wake, Ciri quickly abandoned Crow's Perch and made her way to Novigrad, where she hoped to find Yennefer.


  • Kill the basilisk.
  • Get to the top of the tower and rescue the baron.


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