Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (better known as Ciri), is the sole princess of Cintra, the daughter of Pavetta and Duny, as well as Queen Calanthe's granddaughter.

After Geralt of Rivia helped lift Duny's curse, Duny asked what reward the witcher would like and Geralt proclaimed the Law of Surprise, as it turned out Pavetta was pregnant with Ciri, unbeknownst to Duny.


The Attack on Cintra

Princess Ciri is playing a game of knucklebones in the streets of Cintra when Sir Lazlo arrives to take her back to the castle, where she attends a knight induction ceremony headed by her grandmother and grandfather, Queen Calanthe and King Eist. Afterward, she attends a celebratory feast, where Queen Calanthe, King Eist, and her druid, Mousesack, discuss the encroachment of Nilfgaard. Should they fall, Ciri will rise to throne. She then reluctantly accepts Martin's invitation to dance.

Princess Ciri is locked in her room with Mousesack and Sir Lazlo while the king and queen lead an army into battle against Nilfgaard invaders. Mousesack tells Ciri the tale of how sorcerers used to lock little girls up in towers because the girls were said to announce the end of the human race, and so they were systematically killed. She asks Mousesack if her grandmother will be alright. He dodges, and replies that she, Ciri, will be alright.

After several days away at battle, Ciri's grandmother returns, but without Eist, who died during battle. The queen is wounded, and Cintra is under attack. Calanthe assures Ciri that one day she will rule Cintra. As the Nilfgaardians reach the gate, Mousesack creates a magical barrier around the citadel.

As night falls, the Nilfgaardians breach the castle gates. In the face of defeat, Queen Calanthe orders the entire castle to commit suicide by poison, to spare them the fate of being tortured and murdered. The queen will stay behind, sending Ciri off with Sir Lazlo and Mousesack, telling her to find Geralt of Rivia, as he is her destiny. On her way out, Ciri screams, causing a magical pulse.

Ciri escapes the castle through an underground tunnel with Mousesack and Sir Lazlo. Mousesack stays behind to fend off invading Nilfgaardians. As Ciri and Lazlo attempt to flee the city on horseback, Lazlo is killed with an arrow by Cahir, pulling Ciri off the horse and onto the ground. Ciri watches from the back of Cahir's horse as Cintra burns. She screams, releasing an even more powerful pulse that frightens the horse and causes it to knock them both on the ground. Ciri screams several more times, releasing energy waves so powerful that a stone monolith collapses and creates a breach in the ground itself, allowing Ciri to escape.[1]

Evading Nilfgaard's Soldiers

Ciri takes cover behind a tree in the woods as a search party of Nilfgaardian soldiers pass by. She uses mud to darken her hair so as not to be recognized. While picking berries, an elf boy named Dara stops her from eating them, signaling that they're poisonous. He gestures her in his direction and offers her a rat to eat, though she declines. Initially, Dara does not speak in order to hide his elvish accent and wears a hat to hide his ears. For a second time, Dara offers Ciri a rat to eat, and this time she accepts. She notices that he is cold and gives Dara one of her gloves before running off to join a Cintran refugee camp.

The camp is filled with Cintrans who blame the queen for failing to save Cintra from the Nilfgaardian invaders. There, she meets a boy named Zeke, who invites her to join his family, who provides her with new shoes and shelter. Ciri introduces herself as "Fiona".

While laying in bed, Ciri asks Zeke's mother if she knows where to find Geralt of Rivia. However, she's unfamiliar with the name. She asks Ciri about her parents, to which Ciri replies they died while she was a baby. The woman assures Ciri that they will make it out together. Later, the Nilfgaardians attack the refugee camp in the late hours of the night. Zeke's mother angrily orders their slave to collect her belongings, but after being both verbally and physically abused, he becomes enraged and stabs the woman to death. Dara cuts through the tent and pulls Ciri to safety as this unfolds. She stops briefly in her tracks to mourn Zeke, who was killed during the attack.

The following morning, Dara takes off his hat, revealing to Ciri that he is an elf. He then speaks to her for the first time, introducing himself.[2]

Entering Brokilon Forest

Ciri awakens from her sleep on the cold, snow covered ground. She falls under the influence of a spell and begins walking mindlessly into Brokilon forest, home of the dryads. Dara chases after Ciri, screaming her name as he runs through a field filled with corpses. Only when he is shot in the shoulder by an arrow does he stop.[3]

Dryads of Brokilon Forest

Ciri continues her journey into Brokilon forest, where she is confronted by hostile dryads. She pleads for mercy, having gotten lost and not a clue how she ended up there. Ciri is approached by a dryad known as the general, who orders her comrades to kill Ciri if she runs. A leader, queen Eithné, appears from within the crowd and asks Ciri her name. She introduces herself as Fiona.

Ciri follows the dryads, who explain that there were once many forests like that of Brokilon before the Conjunction of the Spheres. The dryads were forced to adapt as they fought off the mutants and humans who sought their end. Now, only they remain. Ciri finds Dara being treated by the dryads. They remove the arrow from his shoulder and pour water on the wound as the waters of Brokilon are potent. The leader informs Ciri and Dara that all newcomers in the forest must drink the water. If they bear ill intent towards Brokilon, they die. But if they're pure in heart, they survive and stay there. And over time, the waters of Brokilon lessen the suffering they've endured and make them forget.

Dara questions why the dryads called Ciri Fiona. She explains that Mousesack helped raise her, and he warned her not to let anyone know who she is outside the castle. And now the black knight is after her. When Ciri reveals that she's the princess of Cintra, Dara grows angry as it was Ciri's grandmother, Queen Calanthe that order his family be slain after Filavandrel's uprising. The soldiers laughed as they raped women and killed babies. However, he doesn't blame Ciri. He desires to stay in Brokilon forest in hopes that over time his pain will lessen. He advises Ciri to do the same, but she has to find her destiny.

Ciri awakens from a nightmare to find Dara drinking the Brokilon water. He assures her that everything will be okay. Eithné passes the bottle to Ciri and tells her to drink and leave her past behind. Ciri does just that. Unlike with Dara, nothing happens after Ciri drinks the water. Perturbed, Eithné takes Ciri to Shan-Kayan, a large tree in the center of Brokilon forest. She cuts into it and tells Ciri to drink from the source. Ciri drinks from the tree and has a vision of a large, luminescent tree in the middle of the desert.[4]

Reunited with Mousesack

The general is skeptical of Ciri and objects to allowing her to stay in Brokilon after learning from Shan-Kayan that Ciri is the princess of Cintra. However, with the Nilfgaardians already scouring their borders, some suspect that Ciri may be their only chance of survival. And with that, Eithné announces that Ciri will be allowed to stay. Eithné presents Ciri with two options; either she can stay or she can continue her journey in search of her destiny.

While learning how to craft arrows with the dryads, Ciri is reunited with Mousesack. She asks what happened to him, and he tells Ciri that he's come to take her back to her rightful place. He claims that he knows where to find Geralt of Rivia, who she's been promised to through the Law of Surprise. While Ciri appreciates the dryads' hospitality, she'll be leaving with Mousesack and wants Dara to join her. Before leaving, Eithné advises Ciri to always be vigilant and ask the right questions. Ciri gives her a hug and departs with Dara and Mousesack.[5]

Captured by a Doppler

The doppler, known only as the Adonis, continued to parade himself as Mousesack as he escorted Ciri and Dara to the Nilfgaard army. Ciri asked him several questions regarding Geralt and the circumstances around her connection to him. The Adonis explained that Ciri was bound to Geralt via the Law of Surprise and that soon enough, they would be united.

Dara questioned how Mousesack survived the attack, growing more suspicious of him by the minute. The Adonis claimed to have been captured and pulled through a portal by Nilfgaard, where he was held prisoner for days. With Geralt’s help, he escaped. Dara didn’t trust Mousesack and informed Ciri of his suspicion. Looking to erase any ounce of doubt, the Adonis gave Ciri her grandmother’s sash.

Ciri asked the Adonis, posing as Mousesack, if he ever stopped missing Skellige. He left his home to raise her. the Adonis claimed that he was very home sick. She then asked if he missed the cold as a test given the real Mousesack hated the cold. In that moment, Ciri and Dara realized that they had not been in the company of the real Mousesack. When the Adonis revealed that he killed Mousesack and took his form, Dara charged at him with a silver knife, causing the Adonis to burn. Ciri grabbed the knife and held it to the doppler's face, causing his true form to surface. Dara pinned him to a tree and demanded answers. Ciri answered that there’s something inside of her that made her special, that Nilfgaard wanted. She then told Dara to kill him. Dara hesitated, allowing the Adonis to break free and knock him out, forcing Ciri to flee into the woods.

While running from the Adonis, Ciri was capture by Cahir. If it had been any other way to extract Ciri, he would’ve done it. All he’d ever wanted was to fulfill her destiny. The White Flame had brought them together. She was the key to everything. As Cahir was fetching something to eat, he was confronted by the Adonis, who had taken on his appearance and in doing so, discovered that Ciri truly was. A fight ensued and Cahir was stabbed in the process, allowing the Adonis to escape.

Ciri was captured by the Adonis and bound to a tree. She could hear footsteps approaching. It was Dara. He released Ciri from her binds, but he blamed her for the trouble they were in. Had they stayed in Brokilon, they’d be safe. Ciri, however, had no way of knowing. Nonetheless, Dara feared that he’d be dead too if he stayed with Ciri any longer. She was just like her grandmother, Calanthe. The bringer of terror and death. Dara told Ciri to find a new family as he could no longer be that for her.[6]

An Awakening of Power

Ciri arrived in a town, headed for the coast. She is warned by a woman named Zola to tread carefully. In the market for gloves, Ciri was forced to give up her mother’s ring in an exchange. She was approached by Zola, the same woman from before. She questioned why Ciri was headed for Skellige as the roads weren’t safe and the Skelligens were a "grumpy lot." Instead, she offered to give Ciri food and a place to stay. Rather than waiting for Zola to return, Ciri rode off on one of her horses.

Ciri set up camp in a dark field. She started a fire to keep warm. There, she was confronted by her once friend Anton and three other Cintrans. Word had gotten around that Nilfgaard was willing to pay a barrel of orens in exchange for Ciri. They were looking to collect. They dragged Ciri through the field until something came over her. Her voice deepened and the wind began blowing heavily. Screams could be heard as she recited a phrase; "Verily, I say unto you the era of the sword and the ax is nigh, the era of the Wolf's Blizzard. The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt." [7]

Finding Geralt

Ciri woke up in the field to find Zola standing over her and the Cintrans who attacked her all dead. Zola helped Ciri to her feet and brought her home with her. Zola’s son, Nadbor, wasn’t as welcoming to Ciri as his mother. He surmised that she was trying to out run the war and that his mom was a bleeding heart. She felt bad for Ciri so she took her in. Zola smacks him in the head and asked Ciri to teach her son some manners. Suddenly, a fire ball could be seen shooting across the sky, signaling Nilfgaard’s arrival.

Zola tucked Ciri into bed and assured her that everything would be fine. Zola had lived a simple life up to that point. But she’d had everything she could’ve ever wanted, except for a daughter. She believed it was destiny that led her to Ciri.

Ciri had a dream of Tissaia and Geralt calling out to Yennefer, though they could see nothing for miles save for the charred ashes of Sodden Hill. Ciri then woke from her dream, recalling her grandmother telling her to find Geralt of Rivia, as he was her destiny. That morning, Ciri crept out of the house and ran into the woods in search of Geralt. After wandering through the woods, Ciri came face-to-face with Geralt for the first time as she ran into his arms. "People linked by destiny will always find each other", he said to Ciri. She then asked who is Yennefer.[8]



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