City Guard is what passes for law and order in the day-to-day lives of the residents of Vizima and the Outskirts.


The Comics

Viziman guard appears also in polish graphic novelization of short story the Witcher illustrated by Boguslaw Polch.

The Witcher

In The Witcher, city guards are stationed at all gates and also roam the streets. They also help Geralt fight salamanders and other monsters if they happen to be nearby. Their default behaviour is to help the witcher. They are based out of the city dungeon. The captain of the City Guard is Vincent Meis.

Unparalleled Backup

Geralt can attack some members of the city guard, but only those who have a blue base (circle on the ground). Those with green bases can not be attacked.

If Geralt accidentally angers a city guard (with a blue base), say by attacking them, their attitude toward Geralt becomes hostile and their base and labels turn red as will those of any affiliated NPCs in the area. This means that the fight is on. Not all NPCs will suddenly attack, only those NPCs which can attack Geralt will do so, but commoners will simply cower in fear.

If Geralt kills one of the city guards, a warrant with royal gold will be sent. This action will summon a relentless headhunter (or more accurately, a relentless and unending series of headhunters). Geralt can choose to engage a headhunter in battle or pay 1000 Items Oren. However, it is extremely difficult to kill a headhunter and since killing one only summons another, the best solution is to run away before killing any guards (eventually they do revert to their non-hostile state) or pay up.

City guards


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