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A neighbor is one who lives nearby, not one who stole half your home. The an Craites seized our land. (Geralt talking about Harald the Cripple) Doesn't change the fact they had no right. I'll rid Ard Skellig of Crach and his brood yet.
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- Jarl Madman Lugos about relations

Clan Drummond is one of the seven most influential clans controlling the Skellige islands. Their territory was originally Undvik but then they left the island and settled in the southern half of Ard Skellig which centers in Holmstein and Kaer Muire. The founder of the family is said to be Modolf who ruled by the will of his father Hemdall.[1]

Jarls from this clan do have a tradition in pillaging possessions of Heymaeys on Hindarsfjall but the biggest and only true rival for them is Clan an Craite. The Jarls established seat is the fortress of Kaer Muire while the role of capital is in the hands of Holmstein.

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  • Drummond is a Scottish name meaning "at the ridge" named after the real Scottish Clan Drummond.

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