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Hemdall watches over clan Tuirseach. The blood of kings!
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Clan Tuirseach is one of the seven most influential clans controlling Skellige. It rules over An Skellig,[1] its southern part is low and flat while the hidden northern side precipitous and scored with fjords.[2] Their emblem is head of a white bear on a blue or teal shield.[3] This is tied to a legend of Tyr, the son of Hemdall and Heulyn famed for his cleverness, who defeated powerful Yngvar with an enhanced sword and founded a clan.[4]

They gave the Isles at least two kings and held positions like Jarl of Skellige or King of Cintra, as they were connected to House of Raven through marriage. They also have ties to another powerful family, Clan an Craite of Ard Skellig.[5]

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  • In the Irish language (Gaeilge) Tuirseach means tired, while Taoiseach means chief. The word Taoiseach is also used to refer to the Irish Prime Minister.

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