Mahakaman clans are influential kin of dwarves among inhabits of Mount Carbon and other Mountains leader of them is (elected from them) de jure Temerian ruler but de facto Elder of Mahakam residing in capital.

Known Clans

COA Breckenriggs.svg Clan Breckenriggs

Clan Chivay

Clan Cranmer

COA Dahlberg.svg Clan Dahlberg

COA Fuchs.svg Clan Fuchs

Clan Ferenc

  • Vavrinek Ferenc

COA Hoog.svg Clan Hoog

Clan Moran

Clan Skaggs

COA Vidmar.svg Clan Vidmar

  • Zvonk Vidmar
  • Murko Vidmar

COA Zigrin.svg Clan Zigrin

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