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<td align="center">'''Item'''</td>
<td align="center">'''Item'''</td>
<td>'''Game description'''</td>
<td>'''Notes / Location'''</td>
<td>'''Notes / Location'''</td>
<td align="center">'''Buy'''</td>
<td align="center">'''Buy'''</td>

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Clothing only covers - pun intended - those items which can be given as a gift. This then excludes items such as leather armor as well as talismans and jewelery, for the purpose of this topic. This topic might be more aptly named clothing accessories, as that is pretty much all that is available.


Item Game description Notes / Location Buy Sell
Clothing Gold Gloves Gold women's gloves no freebies 100 20
Clothing Red Shawl Red shawl called a kerchief by the druids
can usually be found at Shani's
50 10
Clothing Red Gloves Red women's gloves Dresser at the Eager Thighs Brothel in Act II
laundry basket in the corner of the main hall of St. Lebioda's Hospital in Act II
it restocks in Act III
laundry basket in the field hospital in Old Vizima in Act V
100 20
Clothing Silk Scarf Shawl in a dresser in a house near the Town Center in the Outskirts
laundry basket in the most westerly hut in the Outskirts' fishing village
in the house next door to Celina's
200 40
Clothing Shawl Silk scarf called a kerchief by the druids
can usually be found in Zephyr's remains
50 10


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