The Cloud Giant only appears in the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Bestiary entry Edit

Many things fall from the sky other than rain and snow. Frogs, for example... And the Cloud Giant.
— Sibald "Fang" Faalde, shepherd from Fox Hollow.
The Cloud Giant is most likely a degenerated illusory being. He is an inhabitant of the castle in the sky in the Land of a Thousand Fables. This land was abandoned and left untended for years, during which time it began to rot, fester and degrade.
The Cloud Giant was most likely meant to be a pleasant-natured strongman who would carry the duke's young daughters on his shoulders and never grow tired. When he became degenerated and overgrown, however, he turned into a dangerous monster.
After Jack stole his goose that laid golden eggs, the Cloud Giant decided in the future anyone who climbed onto his cloud would be tossed off, without a word of warning.

Combat tactics Edit

The Cloud Giant is an ogroid and is thus susceptible to ogroid oil which increases the damage dealt against him. The Igni sign in addition to Dancing Star bombs may also be used to exploit this monster's weakness to fire.

The Cloud Giant has the ability to disappear into the clouds below and then suddenly reappear for a surprise attack. Thus, frequent dodging is recommended, as well as ample use of the Quen sign for protection against these sudden attacks in case a dodge is poorly timed.

There are three "beacons" in a triangular formation on this battlefield. Occasionally they will be struck with lightning and remain in a "charged" state. If the Giant's leaping attack strikes a charged beacon, he will be electrocuted and stunned for a considerable amount of time allowing players to get close and deal strong hits without any retaliation. The Giant will eventually compose himself after 15-20 seconds. Beacons are randomly struck by lightning during the course of the battle and each beacon can be struck multiple times (i.e. players have more than three chances to bait the Giant into attacking a charged beacon)

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