Coast of Wrecks is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to the hidden treasure marker on one of the islands just south-southeast of Widows' Grotto to find part of a wrecked ship with a chest with a letter inside. You may have to deal with the nearby drowners and mucknixers before you can loot it for the letter.

After reading the letter, the first chest is just below the one with the letter, in the water. The second one is almost straight down from here, in the deepest part of the ravine, in a small alcove. The third one is straight up from here, on the small island with the explosive barrel, and the final one is on the same island, just to the east, near another ship wreck. All the chests contain random loot and may have diagrams, so you can get as many as 8 here.

Journal entry Edit

One day an intriguing letter came into Geralt's possession. Even a cursory reading sufficed to reveal it was the key to some fascinating riddle...
Collect the goods from the same crate as usual. If you get it to the drop-off on time, you'll get the full sum we agreed to. If you get it there no later than a week after we agreed, you'll get half. If you're later than a week, you're dead.
P.S. Don't want any witnesses. If someone notices you - kill them first, ask questions later.

Objectives Edit

  • Read the letter you found.
  • Find the cargo using your Witcher Senses. 4/4