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Codringher (d. 1267) was one half of the duo that formed the famous Dorian detective agency of Codringher and Fenn. However, many considered the two people to be one and the same person, Codringher. In actuality, Jacob Fenn did exist but due to his crippled status, stayed within a hidden room to research.

Being the main face of the detective agency, Codringher was known for finding any information (or burying it) as long as the price was right. He could suddenly get a long-term prisoner out of jail when evidence suddenly went missing or even turn up new information on a supposedly dead princess.[1]


Insight on Ciri[]

Around 1266, he was approached by Foltest's spies who were searching for Ciri and Geralt of Rivia. Protecting the witcher and his ward, he told them Ciri had died three years previous in a refugee camp in Angren of diphtheria, suffering before her death.[1]

In June 1267, he was informed by Dandelion of the mage Rience's escape in Oxenfurt, and later tasked by Geralt to learn what he could on Rience in the hopes of finding out what he wanted with Ciri. While most of the mage's background was missing, Codringher sold Geralt the information for 250 crowns, which did provide new insight into the mage's past before stating he could help the witcher make the problem disappear: to send a false Ciri that was of similar age and appearance as the real one, but the witcher refused. Codringher then promised to continue protecting Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer's location if agents were to contact him.[1]

Later on July 1st, during the night of the Thanedd coup, Codringher and Fenn were looking over new information they had acquired, showing the carriers of the Elder Blood and discovered one of Ciri's ancestors was the infamous Falka, who had cursed those present just before she was burned alive that one day one of her descendants would destroy them. As Condringher decided he was going to try and take part in the dangerous political environment going on with this information, three visitors knocked on the door. Ever cautious, when asked by the visitors for Codringher he pretended to be a servant but the three, Schirrú, Millet and Nazarian, knew who he was and killed him and Fenn before setting fire to the agency on Rience's orders.


Though Codringher and Fenn died, the girl they found was taken by Schirrú's men and presented to Emhyr var Emreis as Cirilla Fiona, heiress to Cintra.