Coin Doesn't Stink is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


To start, pickup this quest at Pittapatte River Crossing, the hidden treasure marker north-northwest of Dun Tynne Crossroads. The dead body here will have a letter and key on him, and on reading the letter will indicate the spot to search at Coronata.

Make your way there and look for the manure pile in the south part of the search area (Geralt will make a comment about the stench if you're close enough). Loot the half hidden chest here to complete the quest.

Journal Entry

While helping Liam de Coronata restore his vineyard to its former glory, Geralt, nosy as ever, came upon a letter...
He learned of a worker at Coronata who had been disloyal to his employer, selling spiced wine on the side at quite a premium. The gold he had earned through his wicked ways now lay buried... beneath a pile of manure!
A kayran's mucous, the excretions of grave hags - in the face of these and other forms of filth, the witcher had always remained undettered. So a healthy, natural, rotting pile of compost could never rattle him. He plunged his arms into the heap and pulled out a heavy pouch. Its contents would be his, he decided, recompense for the nauseating stench he had had to endure.


  • Read the letter.
  • Find the stash in the manure pile.


  • The rock trolls may be a reference to Spartacus. A gladiator who fought for his freedom and led a rebellion travelling around Italia, Roman Empire proper.
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