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Coleman was known as a "white death merchant" by the elves. He worked for Ramsmeat, dealing fisstech and was the intended recipient of the parcel Haren Brogg gave to Geralt in Chapter I, until it is "confiscated" by Jethro. He can be found in the back room of The Hairy Bear with Ramsmeat, in the Temple Quarter, or just outside the western gate on the dike.

Coleman also happened to be Vincent Meis' informant. Geralt can choose to turn him in or not.

Depending on whether or not Geralt allowed the Scoia'tael to take the weapons from Haren Brogg's crates in the Outskirts, Coleman could wind up on the wrong end of an elven arrow, but this only happens after Geralt begins investigating with Raymond.

Associated Quests[]


  • Coleman will drink with you, but you gain nothing for out-drinking him, except a sample of his awful singing voice. However, during Berengar's Secret, If you have talked to Thaler about Berengar's belongings and asked about the middleman, Coleman will tell you that he bought them from the swamp brickmakers and then sold them to Thaler for twice the cost.
  • Known as a "white death" merchant for selling fisstech to young and impressionable non-humans, possibly even Scoia'tael.
  • Coleman suggests that he sells more than just fisstech, but it is unclear how to convince him to show the player his other wares, or if these "other wares" actually exist in the first place.