In The Witcher, Geralt must acquire many items and he cannot always afford to buy them from merchants. To this end, it is beneficial for him to enter all premises he can and rifle through any and all containers found therein for the supplies he needs.

In a sense, all creatures, human and otherwise are containers, as are many trees, shrubs and plants which bear the herbs required for alchemical potions. They will not be dealt with individually in this section as they each have their own page anyway.

The easiest, and most reliable, way to find any containers in view is to hold down the Alt key. This highlights all the usable items in view, a great way to find remains after a large melee.

Containers in The Witcher

Many different names are used for similar items, below is a list of the names and further down are galleries of images for your reference and amusement.

cabinets, small, medium and large
chests and old chests
cheese and chicken (yep on some tables!)
clothing rack (only one found so far, in Act I)
crates, old crates and fruit crates
dressers, with and without mirrors
laundry baskets
notice boards
shelves of all kinds
trunks and old trunks

The deceased, as containers

People Salamander dead

Yes, the remains that Geralt finds or produces are also containers with potentially useful or valuable items:

  • corpses (found human remains, as opposed to the bodies of dead assailants), which in addition to plain, come in a couple of flavours, like "mangled" or "decomposing"
  • remains (different from corpses in that Geralt is usually directly responsible for the death and they are not necessarily human)
  • skeletons


Small containers



Dressers, Cabinets and shelves

Crates, chests and trunks


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